Excellent pet peeve monologues today! It’s always interesting to see the variations in how people react to certain things. For those of you who shared my pet peeve (loud eaters!), you might find this article interesting: it’s about people who are extremely bothered by such sounds! Click here to read it if you want.

Remember that your criminal/victim/witness monologues are due Monday. They aren’t for marks, but we’ll be presenting them in class to get a sense of how a series of monologues can tell a story despite lacking interaction between characters. So, come prepared!

P.S. Sometime next week, please pay for your ISP play :)


Assignment Updates

Due tomorrow: mask reflection worksheet, pet peeve monologue (half! I will give you some time in class to finish)

Late: The journal entry from yesterday was due today! If you didn’t hand it in today, you’ll have a lot to catch up on tonight; please answer the questions below:
How did wearing a mask make it harder or easier to create a clear character? How did your feelings about your classmates’ characters change when they were wearing a mask?

ISP Plays Are Here! $9, Please :)

As you know, we got an excellent deal on the plays for your ISP. We had to order online because most of them are not in stock in local bookstores.

Bring $9 for Ms. H, and you will receive your lovely play to keep, write in, study, and generally enjoy! More information on the ISP will be provided as the semester continues.

The Reviews Are In!

Now that you’ve written your own reviews, you might be curious to see how local newspapers and arts magazines felt about Kim’s Convenience. Only one review (the Free Press) discusses criticisms, but the criticisms are similar to what all of you identified, especially the confusion about the switch from the convenience store to the church.

If you’re interested, the reviews are here, here, and here. See if you agree!

Masks — You’re Getting Close!

Update (Sunday January 20): Remember that your reviews of Kim’s Convenience are due tomorrow. I haven’t heard from anyone with questions, so I’m assuming you’re all on track!

Note: we’ll be working more on your masks on Monday. If you want any extra decorations (feathers, colored jewels that are different than the ones I brought, or anything else!), bring them to class :)
Note #2: If you haven’t selected your ISP play yet, please click here and complete the survey!

I thought you might want a reminder of how far you’ve come this week–they’re almost done!

I am looking forward to seeing the finished products next week: you have all done a great job making your masks!

Upcoming Drama Events

Tues. Jan. 15 – Wed. Jan 16: Mask making!
Bring an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting messy!

Thurs. Jan. 17: Performance – Kim’s Convenience
We will have class as usual in period 1. Near the end of period 1, we will walk to the theatre together. The play will be over in time for you to get some lunch before period 3 begins. Don’t forget to talk to your period 2 teacher about what you will miss in class!

Rules for Attending Live Theatre
1) No backpacks or hats. Leave them in your residence room or in your locker
2) No food or drink in the theatre. You will have time for lunch after the play
3) No talking during the play.
4) No cell phones or cameras during the play. You must turn your phone off during the play.

About the Play
Although we are watching it in our city, this play is being performed by a different theatre company. It was written and performed by members of Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto, one of Canada’s most famous theatre companies. The play is about a man named Mr. Kim, who runs a convenience store, but is planning to retire. The play deals with the dynamics of his family and customers as he tries to decide who will take over his business.