Literacy and history: getting excited yet?

Reminder: please bring $15 cash to purchase the literacy test preparation book. You must have your own copy; we will be using it throughout the semester.

This week we will be focusing on 4 more historical periods/styles of drama: Commedia dell’Arte, Noh, Restoration drama, and Realism. We’ll intersperse some games, videos, and activities in with the lectures, but it’s going to be a heavier week in terms of information presented. By the end of the week, we’ll be getting back into some scene studies and research. This is not to say that the history will be boring: on the contrary, I hope you will find it quite interesting! It should give you an opportunity to discover links between the movies, tv, and theatre that you love today and some traditional forms of drama from around the world. So put on your thinking caps and prepare to go back in time!


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