Midterm Updates

The midterm exam is on Tuesday, February 11. Below is a very general overview of what you should and should not know

Vocabulary– Anything we’ve studied is fair game. See the vocabulary page for a list of vocabulary words and techniques we’ve covered
Theatre History
– Countries and general timeline. Example questions: “which two forms of theatre happened at the same time in history?”, or “which came first: Noh or Greek theatre?”
– Definitely know what the stages looked like. We’ll be talking more about staging on Friday
– Know key features of each form of theatre (e.g. masks, men vs. women, general topics/genres of plays, values, acting style, etc.)
– Important people (e.g. playwrights, actors, kings/queens, etc.)
– Anything in the powerpoints may be a question. You can judge what will have more questions based on whether we spent a lot of time discussing it in class (e.g. I may give you one question about who Ned Kynaston was, but I will not ask you to describe his personality or talk about his significance, because that’s not important to our lesson)

Things I will not ask you
– Exact dates and cities of theatre movements. See above for an idea of general timeline questions.
– Specific details about particular movie clips watched in class. That said, I may give you an open-ended question such as “How is modern film/tv similar to traditional forms of theatre? Give specific examples”, in which case you will be free to draw upon videos from class.

Feel free to post questions here or ask me in class. Good luck!


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