Pictures from Space!

One of Canada’s most famous astronauts, Chris Hadfield, has been posting pictures from the International Space Station! It’s neat to see your country from above, and some of them are extremely artistic. What an experience it must be to live in space!


Clouds over China

My hometown! (Calgary, Alberta)


6 thoughts on “Pictures from Space!

  1. As far as I can tell, it’s only these two posts; the others are just under “Jacob”. If you’ve got the option to delete the ones you want to get rid of on your end, go for it. If it doesn’t let you and you want them deleted, I can do it for you.

  2. Good evening, Miss Herdman!
    So I just came across this video:

    Tears don’t fall in space.
    Somehow this statement sounds tragic to me.

    And a lot of thanks for today’s lunch!

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