Research Project

Theatre practitioner research projects will be presented on Wednesday. There is no school on Monday, and Tuesday’s class is only 30 minutes long due to the ski trip, so make sure you are working on your powerpoint and script over the long weekend. Bring your ISP play on Tuesday in case you finish early.

Reminders for Powerpoint
– do not use full sentences: your powerpoint is a support, not a script
– include both text and images
– you must explain your powerpoint in full detail: although it will only have a basic amount of information on screen, it is up to you to add to that with detail in your oral presentation
use your own words. Plagiarism will result in a significant loss of marks: it doesn’t matter if you’ve looked up all the new vocabulary words, or changed one or two words per sentence; you must use original writing. Click here for a guide to proper paraphrasing


2 thoughts on “Research Project

    • So far, the forecast’s calling for only 1cm. If the weather changes dramatically overnight, you’ll hear in the morning! I predict that school will be on as usual.

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