Final Exam

Drama Exam: Wednesday, April 17 (in class)

Format: 50 marks total
15 multiple choice questions
10 matching (people) questions
1 timeline question (4 marks)
15 short answer marks
3 stage questions (6 marks)

Foundations & Physical Theatre: 9
Building Character: 7
Theatre History: 18
Technical Theatre: 6
Musical Theatre: 10

How to Study
All content is based on the powerpoints we went through in each class. The video clips may be helpful to remind you of certain concepts, but you will not be tested on the videos (except for Rent and Hairspray, which will be on the exam). You do not need to remember specific dates, but you will be asked to place each historical period along a timeline that will be provided for you, so be prepared! There is no vocabulary section on the test, but your knowledge of specific vocabulary will still be relevant for some questions.

Why Isn’t Each Unit Represented Equally?
Not all drama concepts work well in test format. Things like technical theatre and characterization are best tested through practical methods. Your final evaluations are broken down as follows:
10%: ISP (play analysis & set design)
10%: Scene study
10%: Exam
As a result, you have had a balanced assessment of your knowledge of texts, practical skills, and theory/history, but they aren’t all represented equally in each assignment.

I Still Have Questions!
Email me or post a question in the comment and I’ll be happy to answer :)


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