ENG4U Midterm Prep

As you know, your midterm for this class will be on Friday, May 24. Below is a summary of what to expect and how to review.

Format: 50 marks total
10 poetic devices
10 multiple choice
10 marks for archetypes
8 marks for a poem analysis
12 marks for short answer

Texts (note: not everything is on the test; only the texts below!)
Unit 1: “The Word”, “Write Me Sometime”, Both TED Talks (Patricia Ryan & John McWhorter), “Mazes”, “Not Waving But Drowning”, “Hush”
Unit 2: “The Committee to Upgrade Celestial Signs”, “The Not-So-Deadly-Sin”, “From ‘The Archetypes of Literature'”
Unit 3: Dead Poets Society, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

What to Study
Any and all concepts that we have discussed in class could potentially be on the exam. If we talked about it a lot in class, it probably will be. Useful study materials will be your notes, the questions on handouts (e.g. “Not Waving But Drowning”, “Hush”, Dead Poets Society), and powerpoints from class (available under “Readings & Media”).


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