ENG4U Final Exam

Date: Wednesday, June 26
Time: 10:40-12:40 (for all students; both period 1 and period 2 will write the exam during period 2)

60 marks total:
– 15 matching (10 characters to quotations, 5 theme-related)
– 16 multiple choice
– 18 marks short answer
– 11 marks long answer

All texts that we have studied are mentioned on the exam at least once, except the TED Talks, which are not on the exam. However, there are some “open” questions, in which you may talk about any texts you want from this semester, including the TED talks.

To study, you will want to review the class powerpoints, any handouts you received, and the notes you took during lessons (including your classmates’ seminars).

In preparation for the exam, please answer these sample questions. We will discuss them in class next week.

Short Answer (analysis within a single text, basic comparisons, or application of skills)
1) Define “ethos”, “logos”, and “pathos”. Which would be most useful if you were trying to convince your friend to do you a favor?
2) Imagine that you are a hero going on an adventure. You belong to the comic human world, and you are walking through the comic animal, vegetable, and mineral worlds. Describe your journey and surroundings.
3) Write a literary thesis statement for “Is the Pathetic Fallacy True?”
4) Match Dead Poets Society‘s plot to the archetypal seasons.
5) Choose 3 characteristics of Modernism. Explain what they mean, and give an example from something we have studied.
6) What is ironic about Juliet’s break-up with Rob?

(big ideas, making connections between various units & texts)
1. In “The Word”, Pablo Neruda says that communication is “born in the blood”. Write 2 paragraphs explaining what this means, using examples from two texts we have studied, and your own ideas.
2. In Unit 3, we asked who has the ability to limit our dreams. In Unit 4, we asked who has the right to judge our actions. Reflect on these two questions, using examples from three texts we have studied (from any unit).


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