Unit 1 Tests

Please make sure that you read the information for the correct class!  This post contains the date of your Unit 1 test, what to study, and how the test is formatted. If you have any questions, write a comment on this post and I will answer you!

ESLEO: Friday, September 13
Elements of literature (worksheet)
Vocabulary (worksheet)
“Little Red Riding Hood” (original and fractured)
“Man, That Was Annoying!” (from Shrek)
Editorial cartoons

Structure (out of 40)
Vocabulary (matching): 7 marks
Vocabulary (identifying examples): 6 marks
Multiple choice: 12 marks
Short answer: 10 marks
Cartoon analysis: 5 marks (same process as in class, but a cartoon you haven’t seen before)

ENG3U: Tuesday, September 17
Vocabulary (from handouts and powerpoints)
Elements of literature
Creation stories: Pan-gu, Bible, Sky Woman
Types of creation myth (powerpoint)
Aboriginal culture (powerpoint)
“The Shivering Tree”
Residential schools (handout)

Structure (out of 40)
Vocabulary (definitions & examples): 5 marks
Multiple choice: 15 marks
Short answer: 14 marks
Sight reading: 6 marks


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