ENG3U Midterm

Midterm date: Thursday, October 17

Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Poem Analysis

Texts to Study
Unit 1: The 3 creation myths (Pangu, Sky Woman, Genesis), “The Shivering Tree”, “Jacob”
Unit 2: “Holy Sonnet 10”, “Ode to My Socks”
Unit 3: Twelve Angry Men

Concepts and Vocabulary
Unit 1: Types of creation myth, Aboriginal history, elements of literature, essential questions
Vocab: myth, elements of literature terms (from handout)
Unit 2: spoken word poetry (from Inali’s workshop), theme, tone, analysis, context
Vocab: literary devices (from handout; e.g. personification, allusion…)
Unit 3: how a jury works, reasonable doubt, prejudice, elements of literature
Vocab: jury handout (court, trial, jury, defendant, accuse, evidence, bias, foreman, judge, doubt, unanimous, guilty, hung jury)


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