Happy November, students!

I know many of you have been starting the process of university applications, and that it can be rather daunting! Feel free to talk to me any time about your choices — I’m happy to everything from just answering a few questions to making up a list of schools and programs that might fit what you’re interested in. In the mean time, here is some information that might help you search for the right school for you:

Understanding the Canadian System: Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Which school is the best?
A: In Canada, there is no single school that is considered “the best”. (Seriously! I’m not just saying that!) Some Canadian universities are more famous internationally, but a huge number of Canada’s best schools are ones you may not have heard of!

Q: But I want a good job. I need to go to U of T!
A: That’s not really a question. In any case, a more famous school DOES NOT lead to a better education or a better job. All Canadian universities will give you a top-quality education, and once you have your degree, nobody in Canada will care which university you went to.

Q: Why would I want to go to a medium or small school?
A: Smaller schools in smaller places mean smaller class sizes. Who cares? Smaller classes mean more one-on-one time with professors, something that can be particularly helpful when you’re trying to navigate a new system in a country where you aren’t a native speaker of the language.

Q: Does Canada have any fun cities other than Toronto?
A: Yes, yes, yes! Canada’s 5 biggest cities are: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary. However, some of the cities known for having awesome university experiences aren’t necessarily the biggest! Check out the variety of responses in sources like Macleans (summarized in this article). Also this site. For example:
Most satisfied students: UWO (large), Guelph (medium), Acadia & many others (small)
Highest enjoyment of city: Montreal (McGill), Toronto (many!), Sherbrooke (Universite de Sherbrooke), Calgary (U of C, MRU), Wolfville (Acadia)
Best campus atmosphere: McMaster& UWO (large), Guelph (medium), Nippising/Bishop’s (small)

Q: How can I learn about other schools in Canada?
A: Talk to me! Also, below is a list of some schools you might not have heard of that are known for having excellent programs. You can then use the website SchoolFinder to search for your desired program, and see which schools offer it! (Make sure you only select “Canada” and “University” or “College” depending on what kind of school you want)

Here’s a list of some popular schools in Canada, but it is by no means comprehensive! To see all of Canada’s universities, go to this website!

The Internationally Famous Schools
University of British Columbia (British Columbia)
University of Calgary (Alberta)
University of Western Ontario (Ontario)
University of Toronto (Ontario)
University of Waterloo (Ontario)
McGill University (Quebec)
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia)

Excellent Canadian Schools: Large
British Columbia: Simon Fraser, University of Victoria
Alberta: University of Alberta
Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan
Manitoba: University of Manitoba
Ontario: Brock, Carleton, Guelph, McMaster, Queen’s, Ryerson, Ottawa, Wilfrid Laurier, York
Quebec: Concordia
Newfoundland: Memorial University

Excellent Canadian Schools: Medium
Alberta: University of Lethbridge, Mount Royal University
Ontario: Trent, Windsor
New Brunswick: University of New Brunswick
Nova Scotia: Saint Mary’s University

Excellent Canadian Schools: Small
British Columbia: University of Northern British Columbia
Quebec: Bishop’s
New Brunswick: Mount Allison University
Nova Scotia: Acadia University, CBU
Prince Edward Island: UPEI