ENG3U ISP Referencing & Research FAQ

1. A note on references
Since your short stories were provided on a handout, please use the MLA formatting for a handout when you make the works cited entry for your ISP story.

Author’s Family Name, First Name. “Title of Story.” Handout. Name of School. City, Year handout was given. Medium.

Doe, John. “Interesting ISP Story.” Handout. The Toronto School: Toronto, 2013. Print.

2. Assignment sheet update
Since you are not actually taking notes, and you just have to find quotations, the marks on your assignment sheet (under student-teacher conferences) will be changed to the following:
3. Two quotations have been found from two different sources
4. Research notes have been quoted properly
5. Quotations are an appropriate length

3. Research FAQ
Q. How many quotations do I need?
A: 2. 1 from each of 2 different sources.

Q. Do my sources need to be a book and a website?
A: No. You can use two books, two websites, or any combination of academic sources that you want.

Q. Do I need to explain my quotations by Thursday?
A. No. On Thursday you just need to show me that you have found 2 quotations from 2 different sources, and that you have recorded the publication information for the source (it doesn’t need to be in proper works cited format yet; as long as you’ve written it somehow you’ll get the mark)


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