Final Exams (ESLEO & ENG3U)

The final exam is a test of your skills and whether your are ready and able to move on to the next level of English. As such, it will be a little bit different from the midterm. The final exam will not test your memorization of facts about what we have studied. It will not focus on regurgitating answers I have already given you in class. It will test your ability to apply the reading and analysis skills we have practiced in class. This will still require some knowledge of content and vocabulary, so please take a look at the information below to see what you need to study for the final exam.

Part 1: Sight Reading (reading & answering questions about a text you have never read before)
Part 2: Advertisement Analysis
Part 3: Long Answer (2 paragraph comparison of a theme)

What to Study
Texts: “Little Red Riding Hood”, Run, Catching Fire
Vocabulary & ideas: satire, sexist, selfish, media triangle, logo, slogan, focal point, target audience, surface vs. hidden message, underestimate, marathon, amputee, artificial, characterization, techniques, P.E.E. structure

Example Long Answer Question
How can we learn from our mistakes? Write 2 paragraphs in P.E.E. structure, supporting your answer with examples from Run and Catching Fire.

Part 1: Sight reading (short story)
Part 2A: Sight reading (poem)
Part 2B: Literary devices
Part 3: Essay

What to Study
Texts: 12 Angry Men, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire
Things to review in your notes, handouts, and powerpoints: elements of literature, literary devices, poetic structures (ode, sonnet, etc.), Aboriginal cultures, P.E.E. structure, essay structure

Example Essay Questions
How do gender roles affect society in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire?
What is the role of prejudice in 12 Angry Men and The Hunger Games?


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