Readings & Media

ENG3U Course Materials

Unit 1: The Short Story (Creation Myths & Aboriginal Stories)
Powerpoint: Creation Myths
Short Story: Genesis 1-3 (unabridged)
Creation Myths Around the World: Site 1 | Site 2
Powerpoint: Aboriginal Culture and “The Shivering Tree”
Video Clip: “Muffins for Granny” trailer
Video Clip: “Still Waiting in Attawapiskat”

Unit 2: Poetry
Powerpoint: Reading Poems
News Article: Elizabeth Brewster’s Obituary
Map: Key events and locations from Elizabeth Brewster’s life
Poems: “I Am From” poem exemplar, and two more
Powerpoint: The Sonnet
Reference: Quoting Poetry
Game: “Reach Out” mental health quiz
Powerpoint: Essay Outlines
Video: Pablo Neruda’s Life

Unit 3: Twelve Angry Men
Powerpoint: MLA Formatting

Unit 4: The Hunger Games
Video: Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies: Fiddle Nation clip
Powerpoint: Commercial Techniques
Powerpoint: Developing a Literary Thesis Statement


6 thoughts on “Readings & Media

    • The example paragraph for the introduction is below. There is already an MLA powerpoint from Unit 3 when we reviewed how to make a works cited page, as well as the link to the MLA Formatting website in the righthand toolbar.

      “John McLeod’s short story “The Shivering Tree” follows a shape-shifter named Nanabush in his quest to seek revenge on a stranger who steals his eyes. In “The Shivering Tree”, McLeod uses the origin of natural phenomena to illustrate the way that karma can affect a person’s life. This is illustrated through Nanabush’s influences on the natural world, the Owl’s generosity towards Nanabush, and the Juggler’s eventual fate as a tree.”

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