Readings & Media

ESLEO Course Materials

Ongoing Assessment
Handout: News Story Assignment Sheet

Unit 1: Short Fiction & Satire
Video: “Five Things” (elements of literature)
Powerpoint: Elements of Literature
Video: “Man, That Was Annoying!” (from Shrek)
Powerpoint: Editorial Cartoons

Unit 2: Canada in Song
Powerpoint: The Canadian Pacific Railway & Western Canada
Video: The Canadian Pacific Railway
Video: Heritage Minute – “Nitro”
Song: “The Canadian Railway Trilogy” (Gordon Lightfoot)
Song: “The Vancouver Song” (Treelines)
Song: “Western Skies” (Blue Rodeo)
Powerpoint: Central & Atlantic Canada
Song: “Helpless” (Neil Young) ; “Helpless” (k.d. lang)
Song: “Goin’ Back Again” (Sass Jordan)
Song: “Catharsis” (Natalie MacMaster)
Song: “Captain Kidd” (Great Big Sea)
Powerpoint: Grammar, Comedy, and Sports
Songs: “Rocks and Trees” ; “Canada’s Really Big” (The Arrogant Worms)
Song: “The Hockey Song” (Stompin’ Tom Connors)
Song: “Tournament of Hearts” (The Weakerthans)
Powerpoint: Northern Canada
Song: “Long Gone to the Yukon” (Stompin’ Tom Connors)
Song: “Northwest Passage” (Stan Rogers)
Essay Songs: “An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay” (Sam Roberts), “Cortez the Killer” (Neil Young), “Grim Cathedral” (David Francey), “Wheat Kings” (The Tragically Hip)
Powerpoint: Essay Planning
Powerpoint: Essays – Do & Don’t
Handout: Transition Words & Introductions

Unit 3: Media Literacy
Song: “Virtual Life” (Paul Brandt)
Powerpoint: Appropriation
Songs: “Under Pressure” (David Bowie) and “Ice Ice Baby” (Vanilla Ice)
Video: “Txting is Killing Language. JK!” (John McWhorter)
Video: House Hippo advertisement
Powerpoint: Advertisement Analysis
Video: “Evolution” (Dove)
Song: “The Way I Loved You” (Taylor Swift)

Unit 4: Run
Handout: Terry Fox Overview
Video: Wheelchair basketball (Guiness) commercial
Video: Terry Fox Memorial Video


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