ESLEO Midterm

Please review this information to double-check how to prepare for your midterm on Wednesday, October 16.

Matching: 8 vocabulary words, match them to the best example (e.g. match “simile” to “as blind as a bad”)
Multiple choice: 10 questions
Short answer: 5 analysis questions (10 marks), 6 one-or-two-word-answer questions (6 marks)
Mystery Canada Section: You have a map of Canada, and I gave you lots of information about Canadian provinces throughout the unit. These would be good things to know!
Song Analysis: Read a Canadian song and answer questions about it (like you did for the songs in class)

Vocabulary Words
Not all vocabulary words will be important for the test. Here are the ones you should know:
Form, genre, satire, protagonist, antagonist, conflict, setting, sexist, editorial cartoon, motif, navvies, nitroglycerine, trilogy, rhyme, personification, simile, metaphor, alliteration, thesis statement, quote, media, apologize, virtual, trademark, appropriation, social media, reliable, media literacy, demographics, logo, slogan, target audience

Not all texts will be important for the test. For songs and videos, go to Readings and Media to watch/listen.
Unit 1: “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Man, That Was Annoying”
Unit 2: “The Canadian Railroad Trilogy”, “The Vancouver Song”, “Western Skies”, “Going Back Again”, “Long Gone to the Yukon”, “The Northwest Passage”
Unit 3: “World of Warcraft vs. My Girlfriend”, “Virtual Life”, “Students Use Twitter to Report on China Earthquake”, “Txting is Killing Language. JK!” (speech about texting), “Whose Art is it, Anyway?”, House Hippo video, “Evolution” video by Dove


Essays: Get Ready!

Instructions for assignment submission:

ESLEO: Tomorrow – Give me (1) assignment sheet, (2) good copy of essay, (3) peer/self evaluation, (4) rough copy of essay. Remember, only one (1) staple for all assignments. If your assignment has 3 staples in it, I will not accept it.

ENG3U: Tomorrow – Hand in all 4 poems. Friday – Submit essay. Give me (1) assignment sheet, (2) good copy of essay, (3) peer edited rough copy of essay. Only use one (1) staple for your essay. If your package of essay materials has 3 staples, I will not accept it.

ESLEO Song Research

Greetings! Here are some site you can use to research the context and historical topic for your poem. Remember, Wikipedia is not a good research tool, but you can use it this time to help you understand the background of your song. Do not copy sentences directly from the internet for your outline: you must put all your research in your own words.

“An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay”: history
“Cortez the Killer”: Song details, history
“Grim Cathedral”: Song details, history
“Wheat Kings”: Song details, history