Essays: Get Ready!

Instructions for assignment submission:

ESLEO: Tomorrow – Give me (1) assignment sheet, (2) good copy of essay, (3) peer/self evaluation, (4) rough copy of essay. Remember, only one (1) staple for all assignments. If your assignment has 3 staples in it, I will not accept it.

ENG3U: Tomorrow – Hand in all 4 poems. Friday – Submit essay. Give me (1) assignment sheet, (2) good copy of essay, (3) peer edited rough copy of essay. Only use one (1) staple for your essay. If your package of essay materials has 3 staples, I will not accept it.


FYI: Midterms

Midterm exams are 2 weeks away.

ESLEO Midterm: Wednesday, October 16
ENG3U Midterm: Thursday, October 17

Start studying now, and make sure you’re in class on those days! We’ll talk more about the midterm in the next week or so, and we’ll have in-class review time before the exam.

ESLEO Song Research

Greetings! Here are some site you can use to research the context and historical topic for your poem. Remember, Wikipedia is not a good research tool, but you can use it this time to help you understand the background of your song. Do not copy sentences directly from the internet for your outline: you must put all your research in your own words.

“An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay”: history
“Cortez the Killer”: Song details, history
“Grim Cathedral”: Song details, history
“Wheat Kings”: Song details, history

ESLEO & ENG3U Homework

ESLEO: Prepare for your oral interviews. Remember that you cannot bring any notes, so you must be ready to answer each question before you arrive. Bring to class: your oral interview marking sheet, the words to a Canadian song, and a book.

ENG3U: Finish your Venn diagrams (the two circles to compare the poems). Write a thesis statement for your essay: one sentence to explain the connection between the theme of “Sometimes My Body Leaves Me” and the theme of “Up”. Be on time for class tomorrow: we have a special guest coming for a presentation tomorrow.

The Amazing Race & Television Shows

Due to the high number of students sleeping rather than following along with last week’s showing of The Amazing Race Canada, we will no longer be using it for our ESLEO grammar days.

If you want to see the rest of the episodes, they are available here: The Amazing Race Canada

If you are interested in watching the American version of the show (they travel all around the world!), the new season starts September 29. Episodes are on TV on Sundays, and they are usually put on the website by Monday. You can watch them here: The Amazing Race (USA)

Interested in other popular North American TV shows? Here are some that are available for free on cable channels. (Note: there are a wide variety of other popular shows on other networks; these are small selection of popular shows that you can easily access legally online)

Cable Shows (Still Running)
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation

The Simpsons

Grey’s Anatomy

Criminal Minds
Elementary (modern Sherlock Holmes)
The Mentalist

Reality TV
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada

Cable Shows (Finished)
The Office


All Caught Up!

Sorry for the delay in getting powerpoints and materials from the last week onto the website. Everything is up to date now.

ESLEO: The rubric for your news story presentation can now be found on the Readings & Media page. I’ll give you a copy the week before your presentation date, but you can use this one as a guideline if you want to think about it ahead of time. On the Readings & Media page you’ll also find links to all the songs we’ve studied so far. Stay tuned for Northern Canada!

ENG3U: Some of you asked me for examples of “I Am From” poems. I have posted links on your Readings & Media page. Also, if you’re feeling uncertain about your literary devices, try this website and this one!