ESLEO Song Research

Greetings! Here are some site you can use to research the context and historical topic for your poem. Remember, Wikipedia is not a good research tool, but you can use it this time to help you understand the background of your song. Do not copy sentences directly from the internet for your outline: you must put all your research in your own words.

“An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay”: history
“Cortez the Killer”: Song details, history
“Grim Cathedral”: Song details, history
“Wheat Kings”: Song details, history


ESLEO & ENG3U Homework

ESLEO: Prepare for your oral interviews. Remember that you cannot bring any notes, so you must be ready to answer each question before you arrive. Bring to class: your oral interview marking sheet, the words to a Canadian song, and a book.

ENG3U: Finish your Venn diagrams (the two circles to compare the poems). Write a thesis statement for your essay: one sentence to explain the connection between the theme of “Sometimes My Body Leaves Me” and the theme of “Up”. Be on time for class tomorrow: we have a special guest coming for a presentation tomorrow.

Welcome to the Fall Semester!

Welcome to LIA English! If you are in ENG3U, please follow the links below for your first homework assignment. If you are in ESLEO, just take time to explore the website. For everyone: make sure you “follow” this blog (there’s a link on the right side of the page) to ensure that you don’t miss anything!

ENG3U Homework: “Get to Know Yourself”
Section 1: Learning Preferences
– in the top right corner, select “Chinese”
– record your scores on your homework sheet
Section 2: Multiple Intelligences
– select “Chinese”
– color in your results on your homework sheet