Missing Hunger Games Lesson

On Tuesday, we will not have our regular 3U lesson because of pumpkin carving in class. We will move Tuesday’s in-class assignment to Wednesday, and get rid of Wednesday’s lesson.

Wednesday’s lesson was going to focus on how celebrities construct their images of themselves, and how this relates to the relationship between Katniss and Haymitch. Please review the notes and questions below, and if you are uncertain about anything, leave a comment on the post or find me during class (or lunch, or period 4).

Mysterious Disappearing Lesson: Condensed Online Version
Think about some major celebrities. Do you think their identities are authentic and self-created, or are they a type of character created by somebody else?

When Katniss is in District 12, she does not care about what other people think about her, because she is too focused on supporting her family. When we discussed gender roles, we noted that Katniss often changes her behavior to affect how people think about her once she volunteers as a tribute. These changes are part of the way that she creates her celebrity “identity”. What identity does Katniss create for herself during training (and in the games)? What identity does Peeta create? How does Haymitch help control these identities?

What are Haymitch’s duties as a mentor?
When Katniss is in the arena, we do not see Haymitch directly, but he can still communicate with Katniss. How does Haymitch tell Katniss what to do during the games?
Why do you think Haymitch sends medicine, but will not send Katniss water?
What would you want to send Katniss if you were a sponsor watching the games?
**Note: Haymitch’s actions during the games are yet another difference between the book and the movie. The movie has a 3rd person P.O.V., so we see Haymitch networking with the sponsors to get things for Katniss. In the book, we only see Katniss’ point of view.**

This concludes our online lesson. Talk to me if you have questions, and may the odds be ever in your favor.