Info & FAQ

Welcome to the website for Ms. H’s classes. The pages within this site will be updated regularly with information concerning the Fall 2013 sections of English 3U and ESL EO.

By using this website for your class, you are agreeing to the following rules:

  1. Leave comments using your English name only. Do not include your family name.
  2. All comments must be in English (so I can read them!)
  3. Do not submit assignments online unless specifically instructed to do so. Do feel free to ask any questions you want in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why can’t I use my real name when I write a comment?
A. The internet is a public place. Anything you write online can be seen by anyone in the world. In school, we need to protect your safety and privacy on the internet. The purpose of this website is to help you access class materials more conveniently, and we want to minimize your “digital footprint”. However, using your English name is fine, since it is not your real, legal name!

Q. I am taking ENG3U with Ms. H, but my friend is in ENG3U with Ms. K. Will we do the same things?
A. Even though they have different teachers, all topics studied and assignments given will be the same. Because each class is unique with different students in it, it is possible that one class may move slightly faster or need more time to understand a certain topic, but there will be no planned differences in the course.

Q. Why can’t I submit assignments by e-mail?
A. Two reasons: First, the school requires paper copies of major assignments. I have 50+ students, and cannot reasonably print an assignment for everyone each time we have homework. Second, computers cause strange mistakes all the time. Giving me a paper copy of your assignment ensures that it will not get altered or lost along the way.

Q. Where do I find the information for my class?
A. Look at the black toolbar underneath the picture, and find your course code.

Q. My friend took your class last semester, and he/she did different things! Why has it changed?
A. Every teacher will change some things and keep some things. Some content and assignments have been changed because they didn’t work as well as I wanted in the past. Some have been changed simply to try something new!

Q. My parents are interested in seeing what we do in class, but they don’t speak English. Can you translate this page into Mandarin or Cantonese?
A. I cannot, but you can probably use something like Google Translate to help them read the website.

Q. Do you have Facebook, Google+, or other social network profiles?
A. I think the internet has led to a lot of very interesting ways of interacting in the digital age. However, I do not add students as “friends” on any social networking site. This is for your privacy as well as my own.

Q. Where is the picture at the top of this page from?
A. These are the ENG3U class’ jack-o-lanterns from Halloween 2013

8 thoughts on “Info & FAQ

  1. I choose a movie called “Hachi” to make my poster, but there is no siren in this movie. What should I do? Can I use a professor’s daughter who has some different idea with the main character, and a dead Professor to replace the siren?

    • It can be a siren or a traitor; so anyone who somehow opposes the main character and causes something bad to happen can fit. It’s hard to say exactly which examples will work and which won’t as I’m not familiar with the details of the movie, but if you can explain your choice well you should be fine.

    • Hi Jacob,

      I’m not running any classes for the summer, so it’s been quiet on the website! I hope you’re having a good summer, and good luck at university in the fall!

      Ms. H

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